Help For Animals


We value our clients' experience at Help for Animals Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire.

How did you choose our clinic?
A friend or relative recommended the practice
I drove by and saw your hospital sign
I saw the practice in the Yellow Pages
I found you through search engines
Your Telephone Experience
My call was answered promptly
It was easy to make an appointment over the phone
I was referred to the hospital website to get necessary forms ahead of time
I was placed on hold too long
I was offered to be called back if needed
I did not phone
Your impression of our receptionist (over the phone)
The receptionist was friendly and attentive over the phone
The receptionist was courteous over the phone
The receptionist was informative over the phone
Your impression of our receptionist (in person)
The receptionist stood and greeted me
The receptionist was aware of purpose of my visit
The receptionist seemed warm and cheerful
The receptionist gave me undivided attention
The receptionist seemed hospitable
The receptionist answered all my questions
Your impression of our reception area
The reception area was comfortable
The reception area was neat and clean
Counter tops in the reception area was free from clutter
Retail displays in the reception area were well organized
The reception area was odor-free
The reception area was pet-friendly
Your impression of our parking lot/grounds
The parking lot and grounds were clean
I found a parking spot with ease
Your impression of our hospital website
I found the website to be helpful and resourceful
I printed out any necessary forms ahead of time from the hospital website
I registered to be a member and/or to receive free newsletters
Your impression of our technician
The technician greeted me with warmth
The technician was gentle with my pet
The technician seemed proficient and knowledgeable
The technician gave me the information I needed
The technician was pet-friendly
Your impression of our veterinarian
The veterinarian introduced himself/herself
The veterinarian washed his/her hands before examining my pet
The veterinarian listened to what I said and answered all my questions
The veterinarian gave clear advice about how to treat my pet
The veterinarian behaved in a professional manner and appearance
The veterinarian answered all my questions
The veterinarian comforted me and my pet
The veterinarian made me feel valued
Additional Questions
Was your waiting time reasonable?
Did you feel the fees were reasonable?
Did you understand all our fees?
If you would like us to contact you, please fill out the necessary information