Help For Animals


Donate Today

Help For Animals started as a charity, and to this today it is still very important to donate to help our organization keep the cost of caring for your love ones low. There are many ways to donate you can contribute to one of our current fund raisers listed below, or you can donate towels, blankets, new paper, cat and dog food to our physical location at One Humane Way, Barboursville WV, 25504. Another great way to help our cause is to spread the word about all the clinic does for our community and there beloved pets.


X-Ray Fund

The Clinics goal is to raise the funds needed to have X-ray capabilities, which is vital to treating some health issues. Currently Help For Animals is limited on what health issues it has the ability to treat, and the Clinic sends a large amount of animals to other clinics to have X-rays taken. By donating and helping the clinic reach its goal, you will help create a location where low cost X-Rays are available.  You can also visit the clinic's GoFundMe fundraisers by clicking this link. Gofundme 


Help Keep Spay/Neuter Cost Low

HFA is made up of concerned pet owners and pet lovers who have a calling, they want to make sure everyone can afford our prices. Currently we have had only one $2 increase to our price for spay or neutering in the eleven years of our existence. This increase is a reality that may happen more and more if our fundraisers do not keep up with the clinics cost of operating. Thus, it is vital to continue to reach out to our community and ask for your assistance.


Adoption Programs

Please donate to cover the cost of adoption program. Each cat or kitten put in our adoption program has it's own story, whether they were saved from neglect or dropped on our door step. These poor helpless animals go through a complete vetting at the clinics cost. They are fully vaccinated and spayed or neutered before being adopted out to the perfect family. In some cases these animals need extensive treatments prior to being adapted which can throw the program back into the red after our adoption fee. This is why it is so important to ask for your assistance in supporting our program.

Educational Programs

 Help For Animals sends out educational magazines to local elementary school, they are distributed to the local kids to help bring awareness of the importance of spay and neutering. Your donations will be use to cover the cost of printing and shipping this magazines to our local children. Bringing awareness to our community about the benefits of spay and neutering is a vital step to curbing the population.